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HTTP Proxies - Using Proxies to Bypass Content Filters Remember most VPN programs like Identity Cloaker, In Microsoft Edge, go to Menu / Settings / View advanced settings and click on Open proxy settings. If manual proxy setup is enabled, disable it and then go to the tab Automatic proxy setup to activate Automatically detect settings. If the browser wont open websites even after proxy setup How To Setup VPN Connection on Surafce | Microsoft Surface Dec 17, 2012 Installing Identity Cloaker 2 - YouTube Apr 04, 2011

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How To Setup VPN Connection on Surafce | Microsoft Surface

Anyway, Identity Cloaker is a bit different type of product than most people are used to. First, it's not really a "proxy switcher". It may look like one on the surface but the technology is somewhat different. There is indeed proxy software (Squid) running on my dedicated servers but what's very different is the way you connect to them.

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