Apr 25, 2018 · Edit page options: 1. Allow a 'posting by others' box for text / photo / video to appear at the top of your timeline. 2. You can choose to have the box collating recent posts by others at the top of your page.

Jul 05, 2017 · The bit at the end tells Facebook to redirect to the Most Recent feed, so this will take you right there. On the Facebook Mobile App. If you’re trying to view your Facebook feed on the iPhone or Android app, you can do that too. Open the Facebook app and head to the Menu pane. Can I Delete a Facebook Review? Currently, you can’t delete individual reviews off your Facebook page. The only option is to disable the review feature in the the Page settings section. In the “Settings” section, click on the “Templates and Tabs” button. You should then see a series of sections on the screen. Apr 30, 2012 · How do I get Facebook Timeline back? Sharon Germani 3229 Second St. September 30, 2012 at 12:42 pm . Logged off my Facebook acct. Raspberry 4 (8GB) Review: Take a My first change was to prioritize pages and profiles to “see first” in my feed. When you click News Feed on the left-hand side of the Facebook desktop site, an option to Edit Preferences* will

Jan 11, 2013 · Other people might enjoy it, but when friends post on my Facebook Timeline, it really upsets me. It’s my timeline and I don’t want other people’s stuff showing up. If it’s my birthday, maybe, but every other day of the year, I want business stuff showing up, not personal things, tagged photos, etc.

Apr 27, 2020 · Access Your Information to review all of your Facebook actions. Here's where you can keep tabs on everything you've ever done on Facebook. Review what other people see on your Timeline. Sep 29, 2011 · The first thing you'll need to do to clean up your Timeline is review what's already in there. Depending how active you've been and how long you've been on the social network , this may take a while.

Dec 18, 2011 · Scroll to the bottom right of the page and click on "GET TIMELINE". Scroll back to the top of the page and click "PUBLISH NOW". Step 3: Edit Your New Timeline Scroll through your new timeline and edit or remove any items that you may not want to show up in your timeline.

In addition to Timeline, this information may also be used in other Google products and services. Learn how to set your home and work addresses. Edit Timeline. If a place is wrong on Timeline, you can edit the location and when you were there. To do this, turn on Web & App Activity: On your computer, go to Timeline. When I receive notifications on my Facebook app it says to go to Timeline Review to approve the posts. How do I access the timeline review? This thread is locked. First, install the F.B. Purity browser extension, as it adds a function for disabling Facebook Timeline in your browser.; After F.B. Purity is installed, when you visit Facebook you will see an "FBP" link at the top of the page, next to the search box, and when you visit "fan" aka "like" pages, next to that you will see a green "TL" button that looks like this: Click the green "TL" icon in