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What are WordPress brute force attacks and why should you care? In this ebook, we explain how brute force attacks work and why WordPress sites are at risk. We also offer tips on how to protect your website. Contents: What are WordPress brute force attacks; How do brute force attacks work? Are you inviting brute force attacks? How to Create a WordPress Website: Beginner's Guide (2020) May 19, 2020 How to Protect WordPress from Brute Force Attacks with Simply put, a brute force attack is an attempt to crack a password or username, or find a hidden web page, or keys used to encrypt a message. It uses a trial and error approach method in hopes that it will eventually guess correctly. This kind of attack is actually an old method, but it is still widely used and oftentimes successful. Cracking Wordpress Passwords with Hashcat - WPSec

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Install and Setup a WordPress Backup Plugin: If everything fails, one must have a backup plan! There are several great WordPress backup plugins, which allow you to schedule automatic backups. Disabling Directory Browsing and Installing WordPress Updates regularly can also help to be safe from brute-forcing attacks against a WordPress website.

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