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sha touched weapons currently only go to item level 509, rendering everything but the cloak and fancy prismatic socket totally useless for those with 510-550 gear (current limits). WIth the new raid Seige of ogrimaar, unless new sha touched or thunderforged weapons are included, the prismatic sockets themselves will also become useless as they can only be added to sha touched or thunderforged weapons. Nov 20, 2012 · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue After competing the Patch 5.0.5 quest line, you will obtain a legendary gem, which is to be placed in a special Sha-touched socket found only on select weapons from Tier 14 raids. The first gem is provided for free, and additional gems can be purchased from Wrathion. Legendaries are for everyone. Players complete quests for legendary gems, which are then socketed into Sha-Touched weapons from raids. There are nine weapons classified as Sha-Touched, covering all possible specs. With this system, guild are only limited by the number of Sha-Touched weapons they see each week. Nov 05, 2012 · These weapons have a socket called a Sha Touched Socket. After completing a quest with Wrathion you will be able to place a legendary gem in this socket that is worth 500 int (maybe more after patch 5.1). Since these gems require a fairly lengthy quest to obtain, I've listed the weapons with a Sha Touched socket twice: with and without the gem.

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Blizzard has now stated that once a player finishes the legendary questline for these gems and obtains one, they may buy more from the Prince, although they will not necessarily be cheap. Therefore, there is no reason not to socket whichever Sha-Touched socketed weapon you obtain first, as you will be able to obtain the gem again later on. Mar 12, 2013 · Yes you can. The sha-touched gem is Unique-Equipped, which means you can only have one in your equipped gear at any given time, but the Eye of the Black Prince is not. As long as you have x2 sha-touched weapons or Throne of thunder weapons you can add 2 prismatic sockets to your weapons :) Hope this help,-Rage Hyper Tough 54-piece socket set is great for you at home and small mechanics jobs. This set provides a wide array of commonly used sockets 1/4" and 3/8" inch sockets, displays the sizes in both Metric and SAE (inches), making it easy to quickly find what you need.

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If i get two Sha-Touched weapons with sockets as a dual wielder, and I can only use one of these gems. Would any other gem fit in that other gem slot? The weapons are not unique, so I do not understand how this can work other than that. This is really important, because if not it may be a bad idea for people to roll on a 2nd one as a dual wielder. Lighting, lampshades , interior and exterior lighting, floor lamps, pendant lights, lighting accessories, table lamps, vanity lighting, Aspen Creative, lighting hardware As of the first build it appears, it has a Sha-touched socket, but this is bound to change. Комментарий от Reignac The Silver Hand was the weapon of Tyr, a Titan Keeper who helped proto-dragons that would one day become the Dragon Aspects to defeat a gargantuan mutated proto-dragon named Galakrond.