For android, there's an option in settings (little cog, top right), connection, "block local network". Uncheck that box.

According to standards set forth in Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) document RFC-1918, the following IPv4 address ranges are reserved by the IANA for private internets, and are not publicly routable on the global internet: IP addresses: –; IP addresses: – How to Enable or Disable Network Connections in Windows May 09, 2020 windows - VPN connection blocks internet access - Server Fault 1 network card connected to a LAN which provides internet access (LAN_CONN) 1 network card connected to a VPN link set up by the provider (VPN_CONN) VPN_CONN is set up as a LAN connection, not as a VPN one (the provider gave me an ip and a gateway to connect to). Problem: Restricting uTorrent to VPN interfaces (Part 1) - IPredator You have a machine which is connected to your local network using your router to access the Internet. Every time this machine needs to access resources outside the local network, e.g. hosts on the Internet, it sends these requests to the default gateway. Such requests have a private source IP address.

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No access to network printers or shared network folders If you cannot access a network printer or shared network folders, check network settings: Click Start in the lower left corner of the screen.; Click the Control Panel item. In the Control Panel window, click Network and Internet. Click the Network and Sharing Center link. Check your network settings: if Public network is specified, then change it to Home network or Work network:

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Now, if I want to block internet for specific IPs-Clients on WiFi side of MKRB but allow, for the same clients, traffic to DMZ, how can I achieve this? For instance, if client have ip, MKRB wlan have ip How to block internet for client but allow him to access to or How to configure network discovery on - Windows Central Oct 20, 2017 Implementing IPv6 In A Home Network - Tips & Pitfalls This is accomplished by using site-local IP addresses (also known as private or RFC1918 addresses). Since residential Internet Service Providers (ISPs) generally only provide a single IPv4 public IP address, the router needs to act as a network address translator (NAT) and all the devices on the network accesses the Internet via that single IP How to Block or Allow a WiFi Network in Windows 10 - Make